They read my blog and the X-rite Prize winners are...

showered with love and gifts! Thanks folks for tuning in. I hope you've found my blog to be informative, inspiring, and swag laden. Stay tuned for more giveaways :-)

1st prize - ColorMunki Photo

2nd prize- EyeOne Display 2-
Forest Shipps


I personally use the ColorMunki and the EyeOne Display for calibrating all the monitors in my studio and at our Bootcamp workshops to help students dial in the color just right. Working on a monitor that is not properly calibrated is like judging the color of a film transparency by holding it up to Christmas Tree lights! It just doesn't work! I've found the X-rite and EyeOne products to be the most universally accurate across laptop and desktop monitors - which seems to be more of a challenge for other brands of calibration devices. Every serious photographer should be calibrating their screen on a regular basis.