I can't believe I've done this 20 times.

And it keeps getting better! I started my Digital Photography Bootcamp® workshop back when most photographers were still hanging on to film. My biggest issue at the original Bootcamp was convincing photographers (and their clients) that digital was here to stay and that it could deliver the quality our clients expected. We've come a long way baby. Over the years, priorities of the attendees started to change, and until recently, the biggest issue with most photographers at Bootcamp was workflow. It seems now, that the scales are tilting more towards a return to interest in marketing, sales, and even core photographic skills - like lighting and posing. This is good. I'd like to think I had a small hand in helping photographers with their workflow issues over the years (although that need is still very strong), with our Bridge & Lightroom workflow systems and tutorials :-)


I think the fact that interest is turning to marketing and sales is a sign of the times. Photographers who have been around for a little while are learning to get their workflow under control but are realizing that smarter, tighter, business tactics are what they need most in a tough economy. This is good. Sometimes it takes a "crisis" to slap us up side the head and force us to really focus on our core strengths…or lack thereof. I've preached it many times before, but you have to be a good marketing and business person to be really successful as a photographer. It's a great bonus if you happen to be a talented artist too!


Oh, it's time for a secret prize giveaway! If you've read this far, congratulations! All you have to do now is be a twitter follower of @KevinKubota and @KubotaTools and twitter out this complete message line: 


I read the Kubota Blog and I might win cool stuff from X-Rite! http://bit.ly/cDwfRW


Hooray for you! Now, just sit back and see if you win a cool product from our friends at X-rite. First prize is their excellent ColorMunki Photo color calibrator ($500 value!), 2nd prize is an EyeOne Display 2 ($259), & 3rd prize is a Color Checker Passport! ($99) Contest ends 7/29/2010 at 6pm PDT. The winners will be selected randomly from all those that tweet the message and will be contacted via twitter DM - so you have to be following us :-)


By the way, I buy most of my photo equipment from B&H photo, which is where you can order these products too if you don't win ;-)


I've been a big fan of the X-Rite products for many years, and I use the ColorMunki and the EyeOne products. They seem to be the most consistent of any of the color calibrator devices I've tested and gathered feedback on. Their new product, the Color Checker Passport is a cool little portable color chart/grey patch device that you place in your scene for a quick shot. If you are shooting RAW, then you can very easily perfect the white balance with one click (singly or as a batch on all the images), or even make a custom Lightroom camera profile with their included software! We use these products at our Bootcamp Workshop.



OK, so enough with the free stuff, I was thinking about our 20th Bootcamp that is coming up in November. Yes, 20. It's hard to believe we've done so many of these week-long workshops already!  This is going to be an extra-specialer workshop, different from all the previous ones. We've added an extra day to include a full day of one-on-one portfolio/website/marketing materials review sessions. We have a web SEO expert, Wendy Roe, on hand to help with that too. 


As usual, I'll have on board some guest presenters; true inspirational experts - Like Craig Strong - to share, motivate, and assist. But, I've also invited the amazingly talented Doug Gordon & Ben Edwards. I have known and admired these two photographers for many years and I'm excited to have them at Bootcamp this time!



We have also added a brand spanky new, extra special 1.5 day program just before Bootcamp. It's called SummitUp™. This intimate educational program will be graced by 5 amazing and complimentary programs (and one more from me :-) by Photographer/business people that I know and admire. There will even be a live shoot session for the group to participate in. Anyone can sign up for SummitUp separately from Bootcamp, or for both. There are only 50 seats for SummitUp and a mere 20 for Bootcamp. 


In alphabetical order, the guests for SummitUp are:


Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown.I've known and admired these fireballs for several years and I'm constantly impressed by the energy, innovation, and connections they are able to maintain. Jules is a wonderful wedding & portrait photographer and Joy is the mastermind behind much of the business and marketing savvy they exude.


Benjamin Edwards. Ben is an example of faith and creativity gone haywire - in the right direction. His photography is amazing, fresh, and poignant. His motivation transcends the ordinary. Come be inspired by Ben.


Doug Gordon. If you haven't heard of Doug yet, you're probably living in Siberia. Doug is a one-man nuclear reactor of a business/photography/motivational model. He educates thousands of photographers on his tried-n-true posing and business techniques, will simultaneously maintaining a bustling photo studio of 25+ employees and 1000+ weddings per year. Wow.


Dane Sanders. If you've met Dane, you like Dane. His fresh approach to sharing information - via honesty, intimacy, and relevance is addictive. He is constantly improving and re-inventing himself and he's always willing to share the process for all of us to benefit from. Besides being a talented photographer, Dane has a way of connecting with people and motivating them to action like no one else.


Bill Sorenson. I met bill many years ago when a trusted friend invited me to one of his sales and marketing workshops. All he said was, "You just have to go." It seems the only way to get in to these workshops was by invitation from a past attendee. I learned things at that workshop that transformed the way I do business. Bill has been successfully selling photography since before many of us were born and he continues to sell into the millions annually.


Me. I'll share a few things about Style & Creativity: Find it, hone in on it, and use it to transform your art, business, and life.


I hope you'll consider joining us for SummitUP and/or Digital Photography Bootcamp. I think it could transform your life - like it's done for hundreds of photographers in the past.