Don't you hate it when...

You have this great idea that nobody has done yet and you really want to do it and then a year later somebody comes to market with the EXACT same idea!? I normally would too, but in this case I'm ecstatic cause all I really wanted was to have the product for my own use :-)

Here's the scoop. I always thought the MacBook Pros speakers were pretty clean sounding - just lacking in bass. I thought that it would be cool to just have a mini subwoofer to hook up to it, splitting the sound between the built-in speakers and the sub. This would be great for travel as you wouldn't have to carry a whole external speaker setup - just the sub. It would be USB powered and not require any power adapter and the software would let you customize the balance and levels between the Mac and the sub.

Well, Twelve South ( did exactly that with their BassJump mini sub-woofer for Mac laptops. I was overjoyed to find it in a Mac store today and I have to say it works great. The difference in sound quality between the plain Macbook speakers and using the BassJump is amazing. And, at $59 it's a good deal too - if you love your music! Now I can finally have decent music in my hotel rooms when I travel. Yah!