Photography workshops should pay for themselves.

One of the best values in professional photography education is coming up soon. Last year I was honored to be invited to teach at Skip's Summer School in Las Vegas and I really loved the format of this unique, info-packed, program. Skip Cohen is very well known in the industry for his contributions to some of the most iconic photographic institutions ever – companies like Hasselblad and WPPI, for starters. He knows photographers, and he KNOWS our industry like nobody else - and that is one of the reasons he puts together such a valuable, immediately useful, program.

This August I'll once again be joining the lineup of educators at Skip's Summer School in Las Vegas and I hope you'll consider the value of adding this event to your summer schedule. I really think the format of the program is the least stressful and most beneficial - where all participants can watch all presentations. You don't have to choose between two or more interesting presenters going on at the same time because everyone gets everything - clean and simple. 

Sign up now for an early bird rate: Skip's Summer School.