On a grid, off a grid.

Do you ever get that feeling like you are paddling up stream but the current is stronger than you are and you're flowing backwards while getting more and more tired? I recently had to stop paddling and just let go - which was a bit uneasy at first as I felt myself moving downstream. Then, I drifted in to a little eddy and felt a sense of relief as the river rushed by me and I gently circled about in my pool beside the rapidly moving water. I got a chance to watch and observe the water move and recover a bit of my strength. 

Digital Bootcamp #19 is now complete, and it was a fantastic week. I felt like I was running on fumes, after just returning from workshops in Russia, Italy, & Greece and then diving right in to Bootcamp with barely a single day to recover. As expected, however, I ran on adrenaline at Bootcamp and had a great week. I had ahh-mazing people in the class who's energy and enthusiasm really kept me going. I am always encouraged by the incredible desire and passion from the great folks that attend Bootcamp. They fuel me and make me sincerely grateful for their presence in my life. I learn so much from them while they learn from me.

Of course, I can't take all the credit. I always have very special guests instructors at my Bootcamp - hand picked for their talent, teaching ability, sincerity, & desire to share. Craig Strong, father of the Lensbaby, has been a guest at every single Bootcamp since the 2nd one (he attended my very first one as a student and I asked him back to share his amazing creativity at future workshops). Each time he presents, I watch, listen, and become re-inspired. 

Vicki Taufer was my other special guest and although we've also shared the classroom on many other occasions, I am always blown away by her energy, creativity, and wealth of ideas. I felt very honored to have Vicki share herself with my class during the week. She also led a creative shoot with a senior and also a lovely little girl and made herself available for questions throughout the entire week. Speaking of being available, Vicki's huggable husband, Jed, also came by mid-week and although he was specifically instructed to just "relax", he couldn't help but do mini Photoshop tutorials during the breaks and always gathered a crowd. Jed loves to teach, and it shows! Everyone really appreciated his pearls of wisdom.

Now, I'm back ready to start paddling again. I took a little break from Facebook and Twitter while traveling abroad and teaching the workshops - mainly so I could really focus on being present where I was. I wanted to keep my mind fully on what I was doing. I have to say, I did miss my friends and connections, but I'm back - and hopefully the real friends will still be there :-)

I think it was a good experience for me to drop back in to the eddy for a bit to focus and recover. Now I'm paddling out again, but I have a little more strength and hopefully a slightly improved technique.