Numbers don't lie.

Do you think it's worth letting someone else edit your images for you? Silverback imaging has a very interesting article and a simple worksheet to see when it might make dollars and sense to outsource your photography production work. I've always admired Silverback because I know one of the owners, Bill Moore, personally and admire his business savvy and honesty. I think it's really important to pay attention to your business numbers. 

Often, I find that photographers don't take the time (or maybe they are afraid of what they might discover!) to keep detailed and accurate records of where they spend their time. This is important to be able to properly price your products for profit - not just survival, but profit.  We once asked our production assistant to write down EVERYthing she did for 2 weeks – minute by minute. She hated it at first, but soon got in to the habit. We, on the other hand, were surprised by the results and ended up making several significant changes to our workflow and pricing based on the newly discovered real costs of doing business. What an eye opener.