Does your photo studio need a little...or a big, boost?

I hear some amazing success stories from or past Digital Photography Bootcamp® attendees and it's one of the main things that I look forward to in the spring and the fall - along with the warm weather and changing colors. Sometimes I don't realize what a difference the workshop has made until months, or even years later when I hear the stories in passing at a convention or via an unrelated email. 


Ticia Mangino, a past Bootcamper, sent me this great note yesterday and it almost brought me to tears! 


"I have had so much growth in so many areas because of bootcamp, business wise, personally, as an artist. The year after bootcamp I applied as much as I could and ended up with triple the business I had the year before, no kidding. I had 7 weddings the year before and last year I had 18...I had 6 seniors the year before and this year I had almost 40! One of the most important things I think I learned is the importance of a good workflow and the importance of being true to my own artistic style and vision. But there was so much that I took away from Bootcamp that I could go on for days :) As I have said many many times the friendships that I gained have been the most priceless things to me. :)"

Alyssa Flaten, another past Bootcamper, talked to me on the phone and had this amazing story of increasing her business not 5, 10, or even 20 X, but over 30 times. Listen to her own words...


Digital Photography Bootcamp® is coming up next month, May 16-21, and it's going to be another awesome program. My special guests will be the amazingly talented and creative Craig Strong, inventor of the LensBaby, and fabulous portrait artist Vicki Taufer. Both are genuine teachers with invaluable ideas, creativity, and experience to share. I am very proud and excited to have them giving back to our Bootcampers. 


I hope to see you at Bootcamp, and hear your  success story. Get more info here.

Vicki's beautiful mug :-)



Craig's scruffy, yet still beautiful mug.