Core Strength for your Studio at WPPI

It was a great evening at WPPI. I loved the energy from my guests and was thrilled to see so many people and smiling faces. My good friend Tony shared with me after the show about the "transference of energy" and how people don't always realize how much they can affect one person, or a group of people, by the quality and quantity of their energy. I certainly felt great energy from the room and it made for a really fun night. The program was on the culmination of ideas, concepts, techniques, and services that I've learned and used over my 20 years in business. One of my key points at the end was on the importance of "Riding the Dragon of Fear", which is the process of facing and dealing with the things that are either uncomfortable or causing you some fear or resistance. It seems it always turns out for the better when you ride it now.

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about having my program alongside the fabulous Jasmine Star. I'd go see HER if I had a chance too! A few days ago I teased her about us speaking at the same time and told her I fully expected an empty room 'cause they'd all be in her program :-) She was very sweet, and told me about her very first WPPI experience years ago when she came to one of my programs and became very inspired. She said she hoped that she could just inspire one person the way I inspired her. Jasmine, I'm sure you've inspired thousands by now. She's an amazing woman and hope everyone will get a chance to see her and get to know her a little better too.

For those in attendance, here's the link to download the seminar notes. I hope it brings you much success! Don't forget you'll need the password I shared with you at the program to download and view the notes. Thanks again everyone!