WPPI Plus Class creative surprises

I was LMAO when I saw this. I love teaching workshops 'cause I meet the coolest, most creative people. It's such a treat for me to share my experience and to learn and be inspired by the talent and energy of my attendees. This Plus Class at WPPI was a whirlwind 2 days, but it wasn't until near the end of the second day that I discovered a couple little gems in the crowd. I'm sure there were many more hidden goodies in the group, but it's just so difficult to mine them all when time is so limited. That's one reason I love our weeklong Digital Bootcamps™ - we get a chance to go a little deeper and discover the gifts we each have. 

If you are looking for the workshop notes, and you were an attendee, click here. You'll need the password I gave you at the class to download and open the file.

If you want a great laugh, check out these two videos from two dudes in my class!

The first video is from Simon McConico. He put this vid together for a contest to win free tuition to the full WPPI extravaganza and he won! You'll see why. It's soo cool and creative and Simon put it together in ONE day! Wow. He even wrote the music and sang! I bet we'll be hearing more about Simon in the future ;-)


This next vid was created by J.P. Pierce, who is an accomplished filmmaker turned photographer. J.P. shared this with me just as we were leaving class on the final day and I can't believe I almost didn't get to see it! It gave me the best laugh I've had in...in...well, I don't know when I've laughed like this. J.P. made this video as a real wedding invitation to his own wedding and is now offering it as a service to his own customers. People are eating it up! Such a great way to use all your talents. Check out J.P.'s film site here.