I'm often asked which photographers inspire ME...

And I think the interviewers always expect to hear the names of famous photographers and prominent speakers in the "rock star" world of photographers. In fact, I admire many of them. They are extremely talented, hard working, and generous. However, I have to say, that the one photographer that really INSPIRES me most is my precious friend, Ben Edwards. Not only is Ben's work poignant, introspective, and beautiful - but he is passionate about using photography to better the world. Many photographers say this, but Ben lives it. Quietly. Powerfully. He doesn't seek media exposure and personal gain, he just does it because he cares. He just returned from another trip to Africa, which included the Congo - one of the most dangerous places on earth right now. Take a look at his images and stories on his blog and you'll understand the importance of what he's doing. My words can't begin to do it justice.

Benjamin Edwards blog 

Ben's blog