Why would you photograph the alphabet?

Well, I can think of a couple good reasons, at least for the folks who attended my workshop at WPPI last week: A creative whack to the head and the chance to win $1000 worth of goodies! As part of my program, I shared a project that we do at my Digital Bootcamps and our Italy workshops. It's a really fun way to see things different - things you normally would walk right past. It makes you smell roses that you never took the time to smell. I love the alphabet project because I have a ton of fun with it and my class always comes back amazed at how much fun they have and we see some wonderfully creative interpretations of our daily typography.

After showing a sample of the alphabet project to the folks at my seminar, I got a crazy idea to offer $1000 worth of prizes to the person who took the coolest set of alphabet images while at WPPI. I'm going to post them here in a few days and let the public vote on a winner! If you weren't at WPPI, sorry, the contest was limited to those who attended the program and captured their images while there. Check back in a few days to vote on your favorite! 

Here's a sample of the alphabet project from past Bootcamp® attendee Josée Lafrance. She took these at the workshop.