Branding & Identity: The sum of all parts

Yesterday Clare and I taught a workshop at WPPI for the VIP attendees. It was a "no holds barred Branding and Identity" workshop and we discussed the critical aspects of creating your brand by way of your logo, points of contact, website, marketing materials, etc. We did live reviews of all the marketing materials from 8 participants and it was very revealing and educational. One of the main things we saw was a break in consistency between the look and feel of identity pieces from web to print to display. Sometimes a logo looked different, sometimes colors were different, sometimes the entire feel of things changed from place to place. It's really important that your logo, brand message, fonts, colors, etc. are consistent. Look through every corner of your website, blog, business card, ads, studio, etc. and see if the message is consistent. Does it match your keywords? (the keywording exercise is something we do in class to identify 3 adjectives that describe your work). It was a fun class and went by way too quick!

If you were in attendance and want to download the notes, they are here. Just remember, you'll need the password given to you at the workshop to download and open the PDF file. Thanks!