Do it All iPhone app I heart...

I have every space on my iPhone filled with apps. Apple sends me personal thank you cards, signed by Steve himself, for single-handedly funding the App store. Well, not really. But, I do love to try new apps and finding that perfect little gem is my personal conquest.

I've been using a great app called UltraList Plus. I like it because it is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of business and personal productivity needs. It's seems on the surface to be a list maker/manager. But it's really MUCH more than that. You can keep track of multiple personal lists, Shopping lists, Gift giving lists, todos, etc. But it also is a great expense tracker, photo tracker, and location record keeper. Here's some of the things I use it for:

1) I keep a bloody mary blog from travels around the world and whenever I indulge, I add it to UltraList. I can add my geographic location, complete with google maps link, a photo or photos, notes, my ratings, helpful search tags, and more. Then I instantly email the note from the app to my blog and it's online!

2) I keep a note of all the cool restaurants and places I visit when I travel. I like to share this info with others and also be able to review the info when I'm back in town looking for places to go. Just like with the Bloody Mary, I mark the spot on the map (right inside of UltraList), save the map link, add photos, ratings, category, etc. I can instantly share it via email or keep it in the list for future reference.

The cool thing is that whenever you pull up a list of places, the app can (as an option) use your current gps location and show you your items in order of their distance from you! Great if you are in the middle of a city and want to know where your nearest favorite restaurant is.

3) Track your business and personal expenses and easily email a .txt or .csv file, with pictures attached, for easy import into your bookkeeping software. My bookkeeper loves me much more now!

4) Keep todo lists and gift giving ideas for upcoming occassions.

5) Be able to keep photos in a list where I can add titles, descriptions, geo tag info (map links to where they were taken), and more. You can search any list easily too, so if you have tons of photos you can search for something by the name. You can't do that with the iPhone Photo album app! You can also see on a map all the pins for the locations where your photos were taken.

6) Take photos of locations I want to return to and photograph again. The built in mapping makes it easy to record the exact location and multiple photos and details. Great for photo location scouting!

There are many more uses for UltraList and it keeps getting better. The developer is very helpful and receptive to suggestions. It's one of my Home Screen apps!