Learn my deep dark secrets and win $1200 worth of Kubota goodies!

I was recently interviewed by photo.net and it really got me thinking about where I've come from and what things I did that contributed to where I am now. It got me thinking that it might be a great exercise for anyone to do: interview yourself (or ask someone to interview you). Sometimes all we need to do is be reminded of the things we did right, or wrong, and it helps us to refocus on our goals for the immediate future. Sometimes a solution to a current dilemma can be found in experiences you already have - but didn't think to apply.

Along with the interview, photo.net is hosting a contest on branding and we are contributing our full studio software package ($1200) to the winner. It costs nothing to enter and all you have to do is upload a few images of your branding materials! The deadline is soon, so get in on it and give yourself an early holiday present!