Lightroom Wedding Workflow webinar for PPA

If you are looking to improve on your Lightroom workflow, this PPA hosted online webinar could be your ticket to ride. I'll be sharing the nuts & bolts of my wedding workflow, with all the goodies that make Lightroom fast & fun to use. It's incredible how much time you can save, and how much more fun you can have, when you implement a smart workflow system. 


What do users have to say about our workflow?


"Hello Kevin,
I recently purchased your teaching DVD, and I want to thank you for the fabulous teaching and helpful tutorial ... I recently heard the name Kevin Kubota, went to your website, and immediately took the risk of spending $99 in hopes it would be a good investment.  It most certainly has been.  I have listened, taken notes, and studied this DVD, with greater understanding of my LR software, and I am now ready to implement all you have inspired me with and taught me.  Thank you for a great teaching tool.  It was worth every penny to me, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to fully understand Lightroom  and how to create a simple and effective workflow...Thank you again.


Linda Longood

Springfield, Oregon"


I'm also including a PDF file of the webinar contents for further study. This is available to webinar attendees and the password to download and view this file will be given during the webinar. Download the notes here (password required).


This Wednesday 11/17/2010 2PM Eastern 
(webinar will be approx. 1 hr. with Q&A)
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