What an awesome way to get a new logo and website!

My friends over at Big Folio just told me about this project they are doing to raise donations for children in need. That in itself is way cool, but to top it off the winning bidder will get an incredible, complete branding/site makeover package! This is perfectly timed too as a follow up to my presentation last week at PhotoPlus. I emphasized the importance (both for our community and for our inspiration) of finding charitable causes to contribute to. I also talked about the utter importance of a good, well targeted brand message. This starts with a great logo. Big Folio is currently working on our new website and we just saw the final comps this morning. It's going to be great! I'm very excited about it and would recommend them to any photographer looking for logo/branding design, a nice template website, or something completely custom, like ours. 

Details on the charity project are here and I think anyone with the slightest inclination to redo their logo or website should look in to this. Big Folio Blog