Sunset over NYC, sunrise over Bend

I just returned from the PhotoPlus Expo in New York and grabbed an image on my iPhone from the SoHi room in the Trump SoHo hotel. The views were incredible up there! Adobe was kind to invite me to a fancy shindig where I enjoyed making new friends and gawking at the incredible city views. Then, I'm home again, in my cozy little town of Bend, OR. It's such a contrast to NYC, yet they share a calm natural beauty that everyone in the world sees from their own unique perspective - thanks to our sun. This morning, my son ran out to the yard to let our 4 chickens out of the coup and I watched him from the window and saw this incredible sunrise. When he came back in, I said, "What'd you think of that amazing sunrise?!" "Where??" he said. Ah, Kids.

Sunset over New York from the Trump SoHi room.

Sunrise over Bend from the Kubota BathRoom.