Notes and goodies from PhotoPlus NYC are online for attendees

If you came to my program at PhotoPlus last week, thank you! We covered a LOT of stuff and I've compiled the notes and the free goodies I talked about to help your business and workflow in a .zip file that you can download and browse through. There was a great feeling of excitement at the show, in general, and it was awesome to see some smiling familiar faces in my seminar. I'd love to have your feedback on the program and I hope to see you at another workshop or walking the streets with camera pointed towards the sky! Please be sure to enter the password that I gave out at the seminar to download the .zip file as well as to open the PDF file of the presentation. I've included the Lightroom catalog template, which includes the Smart and Dumb folders already setup. 

Also included are the Lightroom noise reduction presets, a link to download the business management software, and a bonus Mac script for creating an email from Lightroom to post to your blog. I didn't have time to cover the use of this script in the class, but if you look at the end of PDF file, you'll see a tutorial on how to use it. It also simplifies sending an email with images to anyone you normally send images to, but it's really designed for getting them to your blog as you can pre-set the blog address, the size of the images, etc. so that it's just a few clicks to get those images on their way to your blog. 

Thanks again for coming to the program and have a fabulous week!

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