Are you a Photographer near Bend, OR?

Then I'd love to see you this Sunday in my hometown, at the park, with a bunch of really cool people. Have you been wondering how you can give a priceless gift to the community while having a great time and hanging with your peers? Then I've got something for you. We've been hosting a charitable event in our town for nearly 10 years. We call it "Family Photos in the Park Day". Each October we invite local charitable organizations to send us families that are in need, and could really use a holiday portrait. The organizations vary from those that help single teenage moms, to Habitat For Humanity, to the Boys & Girls Club.

I normally rally up some local photographers and we all work together to photograph the families during the course of the day on Sunday. We work quickly, spending about 5-10 minutes per family, focusing on getting just one great image for them. After the event, the photographers edit and pick one favorite from each family and send it to us to print. My lab, Bay Photo Lab, gives us great discounts on the printing and we deliver a nice print package to the families (along with a CD of the image so they can make their own affordable prints if they want). We cover all printing and production costs, so photographers only need give their time and talents. There is no cost whatsoever to the families and no "hooks" to get them to buy more or do future sessions. This is purely a gift to them for the holidays. It's REALLY amazing how many families have never been able to afford a family portrait and how truly GRATEFUL they are to receive this. It's my favorite time of year :-)

This year I need help! We have our largest number of families signed up ever - over 450!! We have to photograph them all in one Sunday and I have less photographer volunteers than ever before. Some of my wonderful, dedicated, "old standbys" are out of town and unfortunately can't make it. I need photographer volunteers who can spend Sunday with me and give gifts like you've never given before. It's a fun, fast paced day and we learn a ton from watching each other shoot. I had one photographer tell me last year that they learned more from this one afternoon of shooting than from years of assisting other photographers! Where else can you get the experience of photographing tens or even hundreds of families in one day?!

We have donations of lunch for all the volunteers and will be photographing from 10am to 3 ish. We will meet at 9am for setup and briefing at Pioneer Park in Bend, OR. If you can be there for all, or even part, of the day, I'd love to have you there. I need photographers and some photo assistants. PLEASE RSVP to me or my wife, Clare, if you can make it. We need to know asap so we will have enough photographers to serve all these families.

I would consider it a personal favor if you donated a bit of your time and talents this Sunday and I think you will never forget the experience either. Come warm your heart and the hearts of others this weekend :-)

Clare has lots more details if you need it: