SWPP Creative Workflow System

Cheers! It was a whirlwind going from Nashville to London for the SWPP convention, but well worth it. You folks here in London are fantastic! Thank you for coming to the seminar and your notes are ready to download. Also included is the Lightroom workflow for those who are looking for Lightroom info. We also have available an award-winning training DVD, called Lightspeed Workflow for Lightroom, and it's available in our web store. You'll love that if you want movies of me holding your hand and walking you through everything step-by-step :-)

If you use Lightroom, you should also check out our SpeedKeys. It's 1-button access to our presets and Lightroom's top adjustments.

Also, the Studio Management software I mentioned is available via a link on the last page of the Creative System download.

You'll need the password I gave you at the seminar to download these files. Download the notes here:

Creative Workflow System

Lightroom Workflow