Highlights from Alli & Danny's wedding

Here are the photos to go with the time lapse and photo booth images. Alli & Danny were so fun, quirky, and absolutely adorable that it made my job a real treat. We had quite a crew this day. My wife Clare, and I, an intern, and my bud Ben Edwards. He took video using the Nikon D90 which will be used for a "The Wedding: Start to Finish" DVD we'll be putting together soon. It will cover everthing we do at weddings, from the client meeting, to the equipment, day of the shoot, to the post production, and on through the client viewing and sales process. Look for it this summer.

We'll also be integrating the video into a presentation for our client - and I'll share how we merge stills and videos effectively - and efficiently.

Click on the image below to view a flash gallery of "appetizers". We present this to the bride and groom a few days after the event. BTW, the "cigarettes" in the photos by the bookstore are candy cigarettes, not real :-) All part of the fun!

Click the image to see the full gallery