Gettin' Dirty

Today it was about 90 degrees out - the perfect day to pull weeds! Team Kubota took a half day off to volunteer for United Way's Day of Caring. Our mission: pull weeds at the Bend Senior Center. In addition to the lovely company of my team, I was able to single-handedly save the Senior Center from burning to the ground and possibly igniting the entire east side of Bend on fire. For that matter, I could have saved the entire central Oregon area. Well, OK, so I found a little smouldering pile of bark in the back yard area and called someone to douse it out. But who KNOWS what could have become of it! I am prefering to bask in the imaginary super-heroic function I performed. And YES, I did actually dig and pull and dump weeds myself. I didn't just take the pictures :-)

click the image to see more of our team hard at work