Almost 2 miles high in Breckenridge

Wow, this week has flown by like quarters in a jukebox. I'm at the Imaging Workshops of Colorado school teaching a 4 day workhop and our shoot was with a lovely young couple, Brittany & Paul. We talked in our class about creating stories for a photo shoot and our goal here was to take the couple out on a date and capture that in photos. Despite the fact that they had 25 photographers circling them like vultures, they didn't hold back on the PDA, which sure made it fun to shoot!

We used natural light for almost all the images. On a few images, I used my translucent 45" disc to diffuse the harsh sun. I added direct flash off-camera via wireless TTL for the image in front of the cute yellow coffee shop. I also used the flash as a backlight/rimlight in the shots of them at the ice cream shop. The main light was just window light.

My class attendees have been wonderful and I've really enjoyed seeing a few repeat workshoppers and meeting some awesome new people too. We had the best time at our party night in Ullers bar where I defended, quite poorly, my self-assigned title of Foosball Champ. (I have to admit that I was really riding on Megans coat tails the whole time.) I completely deny dancing on the air hockey table too...unless pictures surface somewhere.

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