The Berkeley Power System Workshop

So they say that social networking is not a substitute for REAL face-to-face networking...and I agree, it's true. However, at my recent workshop in Berkeley, CA at the Claremont Hotel, it was great to connect in person with quite a few people who I had only previously met through Twitter or Facebook. It was neat to see how the online familiarity became a jump start to a personal connection.

I also realized how powerful social networking can be, as heard from several people who attended that they had found out about the workshop solely from Twitter or Facebook. What great ways to share information!

I was also pleasantly surprised that during our social dinners and gatherings after hours, friends were able to put aside their phones for a while and "be present" to enjoy the moment. We are all guilty of that connection obsession, to some degree, and I'm making a conscious effort myself to peek at the phone only while solo – giving my surroundings the attention they, or it, deserves.

The workshop was a two-day, two-part program with the first day being free and sponsored by Asukabook. We did demonstrations of the awesome new Asukabook Maker software (free to users), and shared new book styles and options. Bill Moore, from Silverback Imaging, gave a nuts-and-bolts talk about essential "partners" that every studio should know about. Bill is a very smart business man, and it's great he's sharing that knowledge with photographers both new and experienced.

Thanks to all that were there! It was so much, including the trap set for me to have to dance for the class, and I hope to see you all again soon. As promised, the workshop notes are available here. These notes are for workshop attendees only, so please remember that you'll need the password given out at the event to open the downloaded files. Cheers!

Cornerstones of Success (Monday evening session)

Studio Power System (Tuesday all-day session)