Images from Bootcamp

Day 4 of Bootcamp is almost over! Sniffle sniffle...

Today we worked on workflow, Photoshop, Color Management and Album design. It was quite a busy day! These are some images from our shoot on Monday with my fabulous past wedding clients, Heather & Aaron. They have been very gracious in volunteering to subject themselves to 20+ photographers barking instructions! We processed all the images in Lightroom and Photoshop.


This image was done to demonstrate the effectiveness of "shooting through" to create a voyeuristic feel and add to the immediacy of the image.

It's all in the details!50mm 1.4 lens and antique actionusing offset framing for mystery and interestIt's all about the car, really :-) Detail shots with humans in them create more feelingDane Sanders suggested this fun pose. I used a Lensbaby Composer with a wide angle adapter on it.We created a story in a single image with the couple and their broken down car. (It wasn't really broken, thank goodness)

Dragon Queen from our Artistic Tools V4