Back from workshop in Hawaii!

So ya thought I feel off the face of the earth, huh? Almost...I've been in Hawaii. I taught a two day workshop with Vicki & Jed Taufer of Vgallery. We had a great turnout and got to see some good friends from workshops past. We also had a good friend of mine, and owner of Silverback Imaging, Bill Moore, speak to the group on some great business advice and outsourcing. I did a live shoot with a wedding couple (Joanna & Paki, who are actually getting married soon and using a very good friend of mine in Hawaii, Geralyn Camarillo, for photography. Thanks Ger for bringing them to model for me!) Vicki did some family portrait sessions and kids.

 our class photo by Geralyn Camarillo

The workshop was held at the Willows in Honolulu, which is a great spot to shoot wedding images. Lots of nice little nooks and crannies :-)

Here's a link to the gallery of images from my shoot with Joanna & Paki. I also made a fun little video (below) using Animoto, the online slide show service. I've been loving using Animoto for promo videos. Our clients really love them too. It's a nice little bonus add-on to their regular DVD of all the images in a more traditional slide show format. The cool thing about Animoto is that every video is unique and you get a license for the music (good music!) if you use their music. You can also use your own tunes if you want.