Goofyness from Birmingham, England

So, we just returned from a very large photo tradeshow in England, the Focus on Imaging show. It was a fun show, and great to see some familiar faces even so far away from home. The show was quite large, with approx. 30,000 attendees. Some of our friendly companies from the U.S. were exhibiting there as well, like Animoto, OnOne Software, Doug Gordon, and Lensbabies.

One of my favorite things in England? The Indian food! I know, I know, I should appreciate the native culture - and I certainly do. There are amazing and beautiful things in England. Yet somehow, I gravitate towards good food. I actually really, really enjoy good food. Especially exotic cuisines. Fish-n-chips just doesn't excite me much, although we did have one good dose of it.

While wandering the streets, we found some funny things. So here, my friends, are a few snaps. Click to see more.

There were interesting attractions in Birmingham. Click my butt to see more.