3GJuice battery for iPhone

Most people who know me, know I'm a gadget goober. One of my favorite gadgets is my iPhone! I also travel quite a bit, so it keeps me company and in touch. However, with heavy use, the battery will barely last a full day, if that long. Keep in mind though that "heavy use" includes using the GPS to find a special restaurant in an unfamiliar city, tracking my flights, listening to tunes, catching up on video podcast episodes, twittering, Facebooking, emailing, sending SMS, taking photos, looking at photos of my kids, making iFarts, checking the weather, booking restaurant reservations, googling the latest bit of tech gossip I overheard, uploading Bloody Mary photos to my blog, and an occassional game of Line Rider or Wings. Oh, and I make phone calls too. So, in context, the iPhone battery does quite a bit for such a compact package.

Soo, I looked in to these little external battery packs for the iPhone that boost the power OR recharge it completely while on the go. There are many on the market, but I was looking for these things: 1) compact enough that I would actually carry it with me. 2) Plugs right in to the iPhone without cables. 3) High battery capacity. 4) Super simple design.

After a bit of research, I boiled it down to 2 units that both have 1800 mAh batteries, which is about the most for this size/type. They were the Richard Solo unit and this 3G Juice dealio. I chose the 3G Juice because it is smaller in size. The Richard Solo unit has a built in flashlight and laser pointer, but I don't need those and it's about $20 more.

This one is about as small as they come and as easy to use. It also comes with a cool retractable USB charger cable which can be plugged in to your laptop USB port or a USB wall charger (like the same one that comes with the iPhone).

I just opened the box and plugged in the little power pal to charge it, and I'll be using it this weekend on my journey to N.Y. to speak for the PPSNY association in Albany. I'll update this review after the weekend with my full "in-use" feedback. So far though, it looks really good. Well made and ready to rock. I got mine from Amazon.com here.

Update from Albany NY: 3GJuice worked great. My phone was half dead and travel partner's was in the red zone. We both juiced up from the battery pack while sitting in airport and the 3GJuice still has more power left. So far, so good.

The 3GJuice comes with a retractable USB charging cable. iPhone not included :-)