PPCA Convention and Workshop

I'm here in Pasadena, CA for the PPCA convention where I did a full day program on Thursday. It was a great turnout, and it was awesome to see some familiar faces and to meet some wonderful new people. Unfortunately, I was fighting off a cough that turned in to something more dibilitating after I was done for the day and I wasn't able to attend much of the actual tradeshow, where we had our booth. Thanks to Amber and Eryn for holding down the fort for me while I got some much needed rest in my room. Sigh. But, if you were an attendee of my program, then you probably want the notes and the bonus free Actions! So, you can download them here, but remember you'll need the password I gave you to open the PDF file (it should be all lower case and one word). Inside the PDF file, on the last page, is the link to download the Actions. Make sure you actually re-type the link for the actions in to your browser to download, don't try to copy/paste it from the PDF. Enjoy!

I'll be in Albany, NY next week to do another full day program for PPGNY. If you are in the area, come see me! Check out their website to register: PPGNY

Update: I forgot to inlude the Keyword Exercise handout in my original post. Here it is now, the same password applies to open it: Download the Keyword Exercise

Update: A few people are having trouble downloading the bonus actions from the PDF. Sorry! Here's a new link that works