Twitter and FB

It pays to twitter - or at least to follow me on twitter! Ok, so I resisted for the longest time - but now I realize that twitter and Facebook can be very useful tools for fun AND staying in touch. If not abused, they can provide a great means of networking too. Our clients are social net hip - and using these kinds of TOOLS too. We need to find ways to use them to ride the fence between fun and networking - why can't we do both!

WPPI is coming soon and we will be doing all kinds of great giveaways exclusively for our Twitter followers! You don't have to be present at WPPI to win some of the goodies (some will require you to be at WPPI). All you have to do is follow me on twitter - just search for Kevin Kubota or click this link. If you don't have a account yet, it's free and easy to setup. You can also set it up with your cell phone so that some of your Twitter messages get sent to you as an SMS as well. This is preferred, as you'll know immediately when we offer a prize or tip of some sort. If you want to play our Twitter game at WPPI, you'll definitely want to get my messages via SMS.

I generally won't be sending more than 1 twitter msg a day - except during the WPPI contest - but keep that in mind if you have a limited SMS budget as your normal cell carrier charges will apply to incoming SMS messages.

Here's a great article that can give you some ideas on how to use Twitter for your business. 

Oh yah, tomorrow I'll be posting interview #2 from my series. This time it's Jules Bianchi (and her twin sister Joy Bianchi Brown) who run a thriving Wedding and portrait business in L.A.