WPPI 2009 Recap

Wow, what a show! Whoever said the economy is bad should have seen the crowds at the convention. The new venue was great - although long hallways to the convention area gave us all extra excercise. Not so bad, really. I posted some pics from our annual Bootcampers Reunion Party that we hold at Roy's Restaurant. We love this place! It's always the highlight of the convention, for us, to be able to hang out and just talk with all our great friends from the past and present. In stark contrast to the raging schmooze party's the go on all week at WPPI, ours is refreshingly real and intimate (to me, anyway). Great food, great drinks, and great company.

The biggest surprise of all, however, was that during the final Awards Banquet, I was honored with the Monte Zucker Memorial Humanitarian Award! I had no idea this was coming and my staff all knew, but kept it a big secret! They told me that my friend was getting an award and so we needed to go to the banquet :-) It is somewhat ironic because I knew Monte (who passed last year) and had always been very impressed by his kindness and willingness to give and share. Years ago, when I entered my first print in competition at WPPI, he actually was on the judges panel and fought to raise the score of one of my prints because he saw something in it that the other judges didn't get. I didn't know him at the time, but I had a healthy respect for him from that point on. I hope he is happy with his memorial recipient. I hope I can continue to live up to the honor.

I also posted a few pix here from the Roy's party and our ride on our party limo bus - complete with dancing poles! Wa hoo!

 On the party limo bus!

My friend, Kenny Kim, also took some great photos of us and the Awards ceremony. He was kind enough to share them with me. Kenny is a great up and coming photog. Keep your eyes out for him!

Bambi hands me the very pointy award


I could barely speak when they called me up. I was still in shock!

Getting ready for Action in our booth at WPPI