The Final Episode of "The Longest Day"

Hey! It's finally here...the video project I worked on a while back and posted about here. It was a project to raise money for charity and involved 20+ great photographers from all over the country. We broke in to 2 teams and each had 24 hours to write, script, shoot, and edit a complete short film! It was crazy fun and it shows in the videos. Here's the deal, watch the videos then follow this link to vote for your favorite, which of course is MY TEAM, the "A" TEAM! We don't get anything from winning, but our designated charity will win $$ that was donated by sponsors. Our charity is Thirst Relief - which is an outstanding and worthy cause.

The teams were:

Team A: David Jay, Dane Sanders, Kevin Kubota, Kenny Kim, Jenn & Steve Bebb, Bronson Pate, Chris Humphreys, Alisha Todd, Robert Evans, Becker, and Jules Bianchi.
Charity: Thirst Relief

Team B: Jasmine Star, Gene Higa, Jim Garner, Joe Photo, Bambi Cantrell, Ann Hamilton, Kate Humphreys, Catherine Hell, Brook Todd and Michele Celantano
Charity: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Don't forget to vote!!!