Opening my eyes

On Monday and Tues, Jan 12th & 13th, I'm doing programs at IUSA in Pheonix. One of the programs is especially exciting for me because I've been able to interview and interrogate some of the best business and creative minds in our industry - and outside our industry. The title of my program is "The Tale of 10 Extraordinary Photographers", and is sponsored by Asukabook. In it, I will attempt to create the "Ultimate Photographer" by combining my own knowledge and advice with that from the most successful people in the industry. What would this Ultimate Photographer do every day religiously for 15 minutes? Would they sell their digital files? How would they keep busy during tough economic times? What would they do to keep their creative edge? What would keep them motivated to get up, excited to go to work every single day? What is the ONE best piece of advice they would give a new photographer? What's the WORST thing they have ever done for their business?

I'm discovering the answers to these questions and many more as I interview these extraordinary people. I have never been so excited about a project in a long time! I am getting inspired and full of new ideas myself. I think this will be a program that every photographer should attend - although I am a bit biased :-)

My other program will be sponsored by Adobe and is called "Photoshop Automation Tricks". This will be a great program for learning about how to write actions, how to optimize them, how to use them in batch processes efficiently, and how to use basic scripting to do things that actions simply cannot do. If you've ever wanted to start writing actions or improve on your existing actions, then this will be very informative and should save you a lot of production time.

More info on the programs at IUSA can be found here: