London SWPP Convention 2009

I love the smell of the Central Oregon high desert when the door first opens on the little-ish plane that brings us from major metros to Bend. It just sings to me "you're home". The air is crisp and clean - and the mountains almost always glow majestically for us. It's as if they, too, are welcoming me home. I love to travel, and we were just in London for the SWPP convention and trade show. This directly followed a 5 day stint in Phoenix for the Imaging USA (IUSA) convention. Traveling opens my eyes creatively, and teaches me tolerance. We also learned from the Englanders that they find American accents somewhat irritating, which was funny and sad at the same time! They, of course, told us with the utmost British politeness. It was a great reminder that we are not the center of the universe, as previously postulated.

But the best thing about traveling is that smell when the door opens. The smell of something beautiful and familiar. Each time I travel, I appreciate where I live even more. I may not have Harrods, but I have online shopping at, which is far more fun and the customer service is light years ahead!

Here's a little gallery of iPhone photos and snaps from London. I didn't take my "real" camera as I didn't plan on having extra time to do anything. Ends up we had one day to roam. We did have some of the best Indian food and Sushi that I've ever had though! And finding great food is one of the real joys of traveling :-)

follow this link to the gallery.

Amber and Eryn try out a classic phone booth, err uh Phone Box...I stand corrected :-)