Leaving Las Vegas...almost

We tried to leave, but problems with a pilot's seat kept us from returning home on time - so we were "stuck" another day in Vegas. If you know us, you know Vegas is not our favorite place, but we always try to make the best of it. We had one more night, so we decided at the last minute to rent a car and scoot out to Red Rocks park for sunset. We really wanted to get away from the city and the casinos. How refreshing! It was an uncanny contrast of dead silence - except for the sound of a few bats and a lone owl sitting on a rock cliff. We climbed the rocks and just sat and watched the sun set. A perfect evening. Red Rocks is only 30 min out of the city, so if you haven't been there it's worth a trip next time you need a break from the bright lights and noise of Vegas. I took these images with the new D700 Nikon. It's their full-frame camera, like the D3, but in a smaller body size.  Image quality seems to be comparable to the D3 as it's the same sensor. 

I got off track, but the message - and lesson I relearned – is to make the best of every situation. Sometimes unexpected good things can happen when you just let it be.