Blogging from the land of Baklava

It's our second day on Santorini Island in Greece. I have two, one-day workshops to teach starting on Monday, the 29th (my birthday!). Yesterday we rented a car and cruised the island to all the classic tourist spots - including watching the sunset from the north point of the island, and the famous town of Oia. It was crazy! Crowds of people gathered along the rooftops and pathways - waiting anxiously for the sunset. It was like a free outdoor rock concert, featuring Ra, the Sun God and his band of Stellar Beams. Just above our hotel was this awesome internet cafe, where we wrote postcards, downloaded images, posted to the blog, and watched the ocean. We'll go for a walk and take more photos in a bit - but not before we relax a little harder.

Oh, I almost forgot, I was taking a photo of Clare and I with the timer and the tripod and the wind blew the camera over flat on it's face! I ran to try and catch it, but....too old and too slow. Fortunately, I had the diffuser cap on my brand new SB900 flash, which cracked, but saved the flash unit. I also had a UV filter over my 50mm lens, which also cracked, but the lens was saved - although it won't autofocus anymore. Thank goodness for accessories!