Lindsey's Wedding

Ok, so I've been remiss. But I have a good excuse! Not enough hours in the day...

Here's a sneak peak at my last wedding. It's just one shot for now, but I love it cause it's our very own Lindsey, who is my main designer for Red Boot Design. (I actually have pictures of her great new husband, Doug, too - but he'll come later ;-) Lindsey loves shoes, as you can probably tell! Did I mention she LOVES shoes? Doug's dad has this super cool restored classic caddy convertible, so we of course had to bring it to the wedding. I asked Lindsey to bring ALL of her shoes in the trunk of the car too! She happily obliged and we had the makings of a fun and unique image. I encourage wedding shooters to try and find out something personal about the couple and incorporate that into the wedding images - whenever possible. We were able to negotiate time before the wedding to take a drive in the car and do some images. Doing images before the ceremony works out great as the B&G can quickly join the wedding party - and they appreciate that. Couples are ALWAYS glad they took pictures beforehand, in retrospect, but often regret it if they don't. Encourage your clients to do so!

This image was only quickly enhanced in Lightroom 2.0. I darkened the edges and the white seats with the selection brush and boosted the vibrance.

More to come...but we're off to Photoshop world tomorrow and announcing some new products soon! Have a wicked cool day :-)