The Wedding Sleuth

Here's a first for me. I shot this wedding in Prince George, BC. It was for Jeni and Bruce. Jeni was a past Bootcamp attendee and is a great photographer, so I was very honored to be asked to photograph her wedding in Canada. These images are out-takes - but they helped solve a mystery...

A couple days after the wedding Jeni called and said she lost the antique bracelet that her grandmother gave her to wear on wedding day - the "something old". She asked if I could peek at the pictures to see where she last had it on. Ah, great idea! I pulled them up, and guess what? I found exactly where the bracelet "should" be. The first two images were taken seconds apart. Look at the zoom in crops and you can see that the bracelet was there when she jumped up on him, and gone when they walked on! Now, if she can only find it in that tall grass. Hopefully we'll know if a few days if she finds it. I'll keep you posted :-)

See a few more images from their wedding here.