Plan to play at weddings

This is from my wedding last weekend. I had one Friday night, then flew to Prince George, BC, early Saturday morning to do another one. Whew! The Canada wedding was really fun too and we had something unusual happen too, where the photos may have saved the day...see my next entry for details.

But, for now, these few images are from a new Nikon D700 camera. It is essentially the same full-frame sensor as the D3, but in a smaller body like the D300, etc. I also used the new Nikon SB900 flash, which I REALLY love. It's much more intuitive to use, more powerful, and controls are super easy to use and set. I highly recommend it. The D700 is very nice - can't beat that low noise and sharpness like on the D3. However, after using the D3 for a while, I really missed the ultra-fast and accurate focusing. The D700 is good, but not quite as good. I guess you get what you pay for. I'll be pulling the D3 out for my next wedding job and keep the D700 for a backup or travel camera. I should be getting a D90 to test soon too - with the HD video capabilities, and this could be THE ultimate travel camera...stay tuned.

Yes, I got my Mustang out again for this shoot. It's just so photogenic :-) The bride took out her point-n-shoot camera while we were driving and it made for a fun shot - both hers and mine.

The next couple of artsy fartsy shots were of the flower girls helping each other with their shoes. The light was beautiful and dramatic and it caught my eye immediately. I then quickly laid the camera on the floor and fired to capture the shoes up close. The girls were then off and running. I love the dreamy and surrealistic look. Allow happy "accidents" like this to happen.

When the flower girls took off, they ran through the field of wildflowers that was just amazing. I chased them through with a slow shutter speed to create the blur and abstract color palette.

Then, I took the bride and groom out in the field. I stole, er, borrowed, a cocktail table and cushion chairs from the reception and put them out in the field. I had them bring their champagne glasses with them and cut them loose to make out. Moral of the story is: do what you feel. If you get in trouble for stealing furniture, apologize and bring it back - when you're done.

I used my Fashion Passion Action from Artsitic V3 for that retro 60's color palette - to fit the car, of course!

I used Hollywood Glow Action from Artistic V3, but turned off the "Soft Glow" layer.