Going to Africa

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! It's been a crazy few weeks and I have a lot to share. We had our new office grand opening open house, which was fantastically fun. I also had my first ever Mind Meld, which I'll talk about later too. This was amazing and something I hope to continue on a regular basis. Then we went on a family vacation to Rocksprings guest ranch - the same place we hold our Digital Bootcamps™. What a cool place! Lots of horsing around - on horseback. Now, I am getting ready to leave for our trip to Africa until July 17th. I will have a TON of new info to post when I come back - photos from the open house, details on the Mind Meld, new Lightroom 2.0 tips and tricks, Images from some cool sessions I had, and of course images and stories from Africa.

Our Africa trip, as some of you know, is to visit and do service work for an orphanage in Rwanda. I was really inspired by photographer Ben Edwards to target this orphanage out of the many deserving places in Africa. We are also making monetary donations from our own profits as well as with donations from fellow friends and photographers like you. We'd love it if you'd visit our Karma page (on the left navigation links) and share some coffee money too and help us change lives.

If I get access to internet while in Africa, I'll post some images and info, but it is quetionable at this point. I look forward to posting gobs of good stuff as soon as I return!

Live Aloha everyone