Photos from Breckenridge workshop

I just added some images from the workshop I taught last week in Breckenridge, CO. They are in the Photo Gallery section at left. Our first model was the young blonde girl. She was a dancer and full of energy. The class objective was to try a variety of situations and locations and also to experiment with lenses and techniques they weren't normally accustomed to. I used my Lensbaby for many of the images. I really love the feel of that lens. It's always a challenge to make a single person look fun and spontaneous, especially when surrounded by 20+ photographers!

Towards the end of our session with the young lady, another lovely woman walked by and we asked her to model for us. Just ask, right! She was very flattered and really got in to the posing. She's the one with the purple hair and fun and funky body adornments.

We then had a great couple who were actually just married the day before! They were kind enough to forgo their honeymoon just to be with us and let us photograph them all over again. (ok, so they didn't really skip the honeymoon). We almost got in big trouble while working with them as I had an idea to have them riding a bike together - him packing her on the handlebars. We walked past a bike shop, and Clare ran inside to ask about a bike. Nobody was to be found anywhere, so she just grabbed a bike and they rode it around outside the shop. One of the employees eventually came back and was quite surprised to see us on their bike. We asked for forgiveness and he let us finish up with it.

Here's one image from the day, see the others in the gallery: