New section: Tutorials

Hey, just wanted to let cha know that I added a section, in the navigation at left, called Tutorials. I'll be posting various mini-tips there. Most of these are based on common questions brought up by workshop attendees.

Oh, yah, I learned 5 things this week:

1) I would not be where I am today without the talents and support of my most excellent team of employees. They rock and I really appreciate them!

2) Want to reduce stress? Take a walk. Thanks to a good friend for reminding me of this. This should part of the everyday routine.

3) To stay on course, have a mini-retreat. Our KIT staff is deep into a self-imposed day retreat now where they re-focus and clarify their roles and goals. We hold annual whole-staff retreats as well. We mix fun and work!

4) Hold on to your vision and faith. The economy is in turmoil right now, so they say. But keep close to your business mantra, and the belief in yourself, and you can weather any storm.

5) You are responsible for your own successes AND failures. Take responsibility. It's nobody else's fault. When I do this, it humbles me and I have no reason to think bad of anyone else. What a relief!