Moving up, moving in.

Hey, I can't believe I haven't posted about our new building yet! We've been so consumed with it over the past year that it's become part of the daily flow...Anyway, we are almost done with our new office building. We built in from the ground up and it's been a very exciting and educational experience. Right now, we need a lot of office space, more so than shooting space. I do most all of my photography work on location so the need for an actual "studio" has been limited. We will have a great area for client meetings and presentations and will be able to use some of the lounge and lobby areas for environmental portraits. I'll post some interior photos next week when it's complete. Here's a recent outside image. Kubota PhotoDesign, Kubota ImageTools, and Asukabook will occupy half the building for now. The rest is being leased out - at least until we need to expand again!