Bootcamp 2008-04 Completed!


I just completed our 15th Digital Bootcamp. It's hard to believe we've done so many - time just flies. Tweet tweet. We had wonderful participants, as usual. Our special guest was Jules Bianchi, of Jules Bianchi Photography. Jules is a very talented wedding photographer and her energy is contagious! We felt she was a great fit for our workshop. Joy Bianchi Brown, Jules' talented twin sister, also works with her in the business and she attended the workshop. They have an interesting working relationship because they both live in different cities - 4 hours away from each other, yet they manage to compliment each other quite nicely. Thanks to both of them for sharing their time and talents with us Fun pushing.

Joy and Jules Bianchi.JuleJoyB 










Jules sharing her wedding tipsJoyBianchi-sharing












Of course, no Bootcamp would be complete without Craig Strong, inventor of the Lensbaby and good buddy of mine (which is really all that matters). Craig's shared his knowledge and passion for weddings with Bootcampers for 13 Bootcamps plus he's joined us on our Italy and Hawaii workshops. He always has something inspiring to share - not to mention we get to play with his Lensbabies!

No matter how many times I do this workshop, I always look forward to the next one with eager anticipation. I learn so much from the talented photographers that participate and always end up making lifelong friends in the process. I learn more about myself, my business, and what inspires me as well. It's true that we learn most from teaching. I can't wait until Bootcamp 100!