Dashboard 2.0 video

I just finished this promo video for our new Action Dashboard 2.0. This is one of the most exciting things that I've come up with in a long while. It's changed the way I work with my Actions and has enabled me to experiment much easier with Actions I had forgotten I even had! By using the Modal version of the Dashboard, it is super fast to find any action and apply it - with a simple one-click undo/redo so experimenting with multiple actions is now MUCH faster and more reliable than ever. I even quit using my xKeys pad because the Dashboard is just as fast and more flexible - giving me quick access to ALL my Actions, not just a select few. For anyone who has the original version of the Dashboard that we released earlier this year, you will automatically get a FREE upgrade notice very soon! Check it out!

Kubota ImageTools Dashboard 2.0 promo from Kevin Kubota on Vimeo.