Top subjects at the Vulcan Mind Meld

At Bootcamp, we always have a night for open discussion on pressing
topics in the photo industry and for us as business owners and
creatives. It's amazing what kind of knowledge, ideas, and resources
you have with 23 photographers sitting around a fire! Last night, some
of the hot topics were: making use of social networking like blogs,
twitter, Facebook, etc. How to keep it fresh, interesting, and
effective. The top marketing ideas you had this year, how to close a
sale when you've done everything right and the client still says, "Let
me think about it and get back to you." The importance of business
insurance. Should you incorporate? Be an LLC? Or simply protect your
self with indemnification coverage? How you price yourself when you
travel out of town? Do you give clients the hi-res images on CD? What
do you tell clients that ask for it, but you don't want to give it to
them? How do you apply your keywords to all aspects of your business?
Why do they make the Bloody Mary's so strong here?