Greece workshop day 2

Today was a fun day. We had more younger photographers who were enthusiastic and energetic. I did the same program yesterday and today (for different groups), so my translator and I were more in tune. When we went out to shoot, I used my brand new Lensbaby (the new model that they just announced) and everyone was very excited about it too. I posted a couple images here with the Lensbaby.
One question I consistently got from the Greek photographers was "How do we make nice photos at night!" This seems to be  common issue for them as most people want to get married later at night so they can jump right in to the party. My translator, Iosiphina, understood that this was also an issue that we needed to start educating clients about and changing their minds about scheduling time in the daylight to take photos. I shared that in our market, we emphasize to our clients that if they want images like they see in our portfolios (with lots of natural light), then they have to schedule time for photos accordingly. Our clients make photos a priority. While this might not happen for everyone's clients, it is something we have to work towards.
When it comes to making images at night, I showed them how I use my pop-up diffuser and fire an off-camera TTL SB900 through it for a nice soft widow look light. I then use a second SB to throw light on the background or bounce off a ceiling or wall.
I think my Greek models were used to making sultry sexy faces and I had to really work to convince them to lighten up and enjoy! Smile a bit!

Click here to see the small gallery of images from day 2.

This image was taken with the spanky new Lensbaby. I love this thing, as it's super intuitive and easy to use. I've used every version of the Lensbaby since the secret garage prototypes and this model is the top of the food chain. Craig (Lensbabies daddy) even has optional lens elements and accessories that you can swap in and out of it. So very cool indeed!