Mary's Bloody Mary

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I stopped in to visit my good friends, Andy & Mary, and found that Mary had secretly perused my Bloody Mary blog and found out all the stuff I like best in my mixes! She had the Super Mary planned for our pre-dinner cocktail and it was almost as much fun to watch her make it as it was to drink! IT started with a good basic bloody Mary mix, but she had run all over town to find the ultimate ingredients - her goal being to ace all the salad bar quotient scores and potentially the Intagible Love Quotient too.

She found some gourmet balsamic marinated cherry peppers, garlic, and mini onions which were absolutely delish. Then threw in some pickled beans (one of my fav ingredients), asparagus spears, fresh lemon grass (a secret ingredient we gleaned from Bo's Restabar in Portland), a cherry tomatoe, celery, a splash of peppered pickle juice, and a very large sprig of Italian parsley. Mary doesn't go half-way. Her ace-in-the-hole, however, was a special, previously undiscovered by me, variety of Novia del Sol olives. These were jalapeno stuffed. I could think of nothing better to top off a Bloody Mary.

This was a meal in itself and one of my favorite Bloodys to date!

  • SBQQ 10
  • SB#Q 11
  • Flavor 8
  • Spicy 7
  • Unique 10
  • Presentation 9
  • ILQ 11

Ta da!!

Irish Times pub, Victoria, BC

In Canada, they don't do Bloody Mary's, they do Ceasars. I love Ceasers. Usually a dash of Clamato juice makes the difference. Sounds weird, but oh so refreshing!

Irish Times has 3 options. This one has pickle juice in it. I was hesitant, but oh boy! This is one of my favorites! Light, refreshing and flavorful!

Sbqq 7
Sb#q 7
Flavor 9
Spicy 5
Unique 8
Presentation 6