Level 2 in bend

This cool little restaurant in the old Mill has a great atmosphere and nice happy hour goodies. They said the bloody could be made with their fiery hot habanero vodka, but I opted for something a little tamer - oh but not too tame. The flavor was very nice, sans horseradish. A flavor salted rim and a plethora of garnish rounded out this tasty blend. The cilantro was a nice touch. You know it's a good one when it's empty before you know it!

Sb#Q 8
Flavor 7
Unique 7
Spicy 8
Presentation 7

The Old Mill, Bend, OR 97702


Pure in Bend, OR

Pure is a relatively new spot in our restaurant laden little town. We are fortunate to have some great choices in cuisine! Pure was started by a young couple from NYC where they came from a family owned Thai restaurant and decided to try something new in a much smaller, and quieter town. .

On the weekends, Pure has a brunch with a Bloody Mary bar, so you can build your own concoctions. We came in last night, however, and had the bartender whip up his own special.

I asked for it spicy, and he delivered! It had a nice, robust flavor, with no overpowering horseradish flavor. The pickled asparagus was a nice addition. A salted rim would have enhanced it a bit as would Del Sol olives.

SB#Q 6
Flavor 7
Unique 6
Spicy 8
Presentation 7


Mary's Bloody Mary

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I stopped in to visit my good friends, Andy & Mary, and found that Mary had secretly perused my Bloody Mary blog and found out all the stuff I like best in my mixes! She had the Super Mary planned for our pre-dinner cocktail and it was almost as much fun to watch her make it as it was to drink! IT started with a good basic bloody Mary mix, but she had run all over town to find the ultimate ingredients - her goal being to ace all the salad bar quotient scores and potentially the Intagible Love Quotient too.

She found some gourmet balsamic marinated cherry peppers, garlic, and mini onions which were absolutely delish. Then threw in some pickled beans (one of my fav ingredients), asparagus spears, fresh lemon grass (a secret ingredient we gleaned from Bo's Restabar in Portland), a cherry tomatoe, celery, a splash of peppered pickle juice, and a very large sprig of Italian parsley. Mary doesn't go half-way. Her ace-in-the-hole, however, was a special, previously undiscovered by me, variety of Novia del Sol olives. These were jalapeno stuffed. I could think of nothing better to top off a Bloody Mary.

This was a meal in itself and one of my favorite Bloodys to date!

  • SBQQ 10
  • SB#Q 11
  • Flavor 8
  • Spicy 7
  • Unique 10
  • Presentation 9
  • ILQ 11

Ta da!!

Babbo In NYC

An amazing dinner, but an average Bloody. This is arguably one of the finest and most exclusive Italian restaurants in the city, but since Italians are not known for their Bloody Mary expertise, I guess I can't blame them for this lackluster drink. The vino and food was incredible and unique.

I actually didn't rate this one cause I didn't want to be rude to my dinner guests and play with my iPhone. All I remember was that it was average in every way.

(Map Link)


Posted via email from Kevin's Bloody Mary blog from Around the World

Marz Bistro In Bend, OR

Marz is one of my favorite restaurants in Bend. Excellent food, groovy atmosphere, creative menu. The Bloody Mary wasn't quite up to Marz par. Had a bit too salty flavor and not enough effort put in to it to make it special.

  • Sbqq 5
  • Sb#q 3
  • Flavor 4
  • Spicy 3
  • Unique 3
  • Presentation 4
  • ILQ 4

(Map Link) http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Marz%20Bistro%20In%20Bend,%20OR@44.058549,-121.314308

Irish Times pub, Victoria, BC

In Canada, they don't do Bloody Mary's, they do Ceasars. I love Ceasers. Usually a dash of Clamato juice makes the difference. Sounds weird, but oh so refreshing!

Irish Times has 3 options. This one has pickle juice in it. I was hesitant, but oh boy! This is one of my favorites! Light, refreshing and flavorful!

Sbqq 7
Sb#q 7
Flavor 9
Spicy 5
Unique 8
Presentation 6

The Old Mill Martini Bar, Bend, OR.

This rustic but modern spot has not only it's creative array of tasty martinis and specialty drinks, but also great food! The have 4, count 'em, 4 specialty Bloody Mary's and this was the first that I tried. It was very delicious, so I have to return now to try the other 3. This one was called the Aloha Bloody Mary and it got it's Hawaiian style from the addition of pineapple juice. Yum! It adds a touch of sweetness which goes nicely with the spice of the locally brewed pepper vodka. A home made salt blend and flavoring make it extra special too. Mahalo for this one!

  • SBQQ 4
  • SB#Q 3
  • Flavor 8
  • Unique 9
  • Spicy 8
  • Presentation 5
  • ILQ 8. 

PF Changs in Bel Mar in Denver, CO

I get excited when a restaraunt has a specialty Bloody Mary on their drink list - of course I'm going to order it. This was called the Sechuan Mary and sounded yummy. It was made spicy by use of Absolut Peppar Vodka, which I use frequently at home too to add a nice kick. Alas, it was good, but not anything to write home about - oh wait, I'm writing about it. Enjoyed this one with friends, Bill and Laura Moore, from the Denver area.

  • SBQQ 5
  • SB#Q 4
  • Flavor 6
  • Unique 5
  • Spicy 7
  • Presentation 5
  • ILQ 6.