Pure in Bend, OR

Pure is a relatively new spot in our restaurant laden little town. We are fortunate to have some great choices in cuisine! Pure was started by a young couple from NYC where they came from a family owned Thai restaurant and decided to try something new in a much smaller, and quieter town. .

On the weekends, Pure has a brunch with a Bloody Mary bar, so you can build your own concoctions. We came in last night, however, and had the bartender whip up his own special.

I asked for it spicy, and he delivered! It had a nice, robust flavor, with no overpowering horseradish flavor. The pickled asparagus was a nice addition. A salted rim would have enhanced it a bit as would Del Sol olives.

SB#Q 6
Flavor 7
Unique 6
Spicy 8
Presentation 7